Camel Trek 8 Days/7 Nights

Itinerary Summary


Day 1: M’Hamid – Sidi Naji

Depart M’Hamid early in the morning. After a few hours of trekking we reach a grove of Acacia trees, the perfect spot for a tasty lunch and a siesta in the shade of the trees. In the afternoon we continue the journey towards the tomb of Saint Sidi Naji. Here we set up camp for the night, sleep in a tent or under the stars, whichever you prefer.

Day 2: Sidi Naji – Erg Zahar

This morning we will cross a vast Hamada (rocky desert) with Tamarisk trees before reaching the dunes of Erg Zahar. Here you will find some of the most majestic dunes and one of the most beautiful areas of the Moroccan desert. We spend the night by the dunes of Erg Zahar.

Day 3: Erg Zahar – Erg Samar

After a few hours of trekking we arrive at the dunes of Erg Samar, enjoy lunch in between the dunes here. In the afternoon our caravan will continue on to the dunes of Erg Laghrair.

Day 4: Erg Zahar – Erg Chigaga

Today we continue our journey to Erg Chigaga, the largest sand dunes of the Moroccan Sahara. Our camp here is situated at the foot of an immense sea of sand, the largest dunes reaching up to 300 meters in height. Learn more about life in the desert from the nomads in this area. Enjoy the tranquility and magnitude of the Sahara with its exceptional sunsets and sunrises.

Day 5: Erg Chigaga – Oum Laalag

This morning we will relax at Erg Chigaga, a great opportunity for you and the camels to rest and gather energy for the next few days of caravanning. Continue on to Maihat Assolah in the afternoon, and on to the sacred oasis of Oum Laalag where we will be spending the night.

Day 6: Oum Laalag - Bougarn

Continue your trek through the desert and learn more about its flora and fauna along the way. We pass through Laatache Oued (a Wadi or dried out river valley) and enjoy lunch and a siesta near a spring. In the late afternoon we trek to Bougarn for another night under the starry Saharan sky.

Day 7: Bougarn – Oued Naam

Another change of scenery today as we head from Bougarn to Oued Naam. This afternoon we rest in the Wadi and set up camp for your last night in the desert.

Day 8: Oued Naam – M’Hamid

Watch the sun rise over the desert, and after breakfast our caravan will journey back to M’Hamid.

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